Drilling with Flashcards, PDF, etc.

By now, it's pretty obvious that I'm a big fan of listening to shadow loops.

Some people despise them, though. And that's fine.

If you are one such person, another tactic that you could employ is to print out the following list of conjugations. You can then use a sheet of paper or something to cover the verb conjugations and repeatedly quiz yourself on what they should be.

I used to study like this in college a lot, and it seemed to work pretty well. Nowadays, though, I find it hard to sit down with the papers long enough to get in any quality studying. Maybe my attention span is dropping...

Anyway, have fun:
Japanese Conjugations - Conjugation Drills.pdf
Last but not least, you can study verb conjugation patterns in an Anki flashcard deck, which you can download on one of the following pages:

- Premium Members
- Basic Members

If you choose to do this, I would probably delete the deck once you have gotten comfortable with all of the conjugations. You probably won't won't need to be reviewing these conjugations several months down the line.

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