Modifying Verbs

Remember this sentence that we saw?

かるく おして みて。
Try pressing it lightly.
Literally: “lightly + try pressing (=press [and] + look [and]).”

Irresponsible teacher that I am, I didn't explain why the i-adjective 軽い (かるい) is changing to 軽く (かるく), an adverb.

As in this example, we turn i-adjectives into i-adverbs by changing the final い to く.

In the case of na-adjectives, we just put に after them.

For example, 静か (しずか // quiet) is a na-adjective.

Put a に after it, and you get 静かに (しずかに // quietly):

しずか に あるいて。
Walk quietly.
Literally: "quiet / silent + に + walk (and)."

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