Phase 3 - Defeat the Monsters

Your hard work has won you new skills, knowledge, and the respect of your sensei.

You are ready to leave the dōjō, he says. But beware: Vicious beasts roam the lands. They will seek to destroy you.

Defeat them, however, and you will be free to travel in peace, to explore the once-forbidden corners of the forests and mountains.

Armed with new weapons and skills, you set off to complete the quest that has awaited you all along, to gain the freedom you have longed for.

In Phase 3, we'll try to bridge the immense gap of so-called "Intermediate Japanese." While Phase 2 forced us to learn a lot of complex concepts and grammar, Phase 3 bombards us with sheer volume.

This isn't difficult content, per se, but it is a lot of content. Namely, we will:

  • Learn around 5,000 vocabulary words (at least).
  • Master JLPT N3-N2 grammar.
  • Read 300+ lessons covering a variety of Japanese topics (←important for improving our casual/spoken Japanese in addition to all of this stiff JLPT grammar).
  • Become comfortable speaking in Japanese

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