Phase 1 - Journey to the Dōjō

The world outside of your village is rich with mysteries.

You wish to know them. But the world is also rife with danger. You cannot navigate its hidden paths. You are no match for the many beasts lurking in the shadows.

But here is hope.

You hear word of a great master in the mountains to the east. Deep in the forest, he runs a dōjō dedicated to the arts and skills you need to survive the world's dangers.

With his guidance, you can become strong. Strong enough to venture out into the fascinating world.

You know that you are destined for greatness. You feel it down to the marrow of your bones. So you resolve to journey to this dōjō. You will find the master and become his student, whatever the cost.

Your bags packed, you say goodbye to the people of your village. When I return, you say, I will be a great master. I will uncover the world's many mysteries. I will rid the lands of these monsters. Wait and see.

The road is long.

But the path is clear.

In Phase #1, we will:

  • Master the Japanese "alphabet" (i.e. hiragana and katakana).
  • Immerse ourselves in Japanese sounds.
  • Start learning crucial vocabulary using effective tools.
  • Seek out our study sanctuaries
  • Get our grammar basics down pat.
  • Start making our own Japanese sentences.

saa, yuku zo.
Let's do this.
Literally: "well then, + go + ぞ.

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