Speak for 20 Hours

In Phase 1, you should have taken your first-ever face-to-face lesson with a Japanese teacher... or at the very least, had your very first face-to-face language exchange with a Japanese person.

In Phase 2, we'll need to achieve the following milestone: 20 hours of speaking practice.

Will you be fluent after only 20 hours of speaking practice? Sadly, no. But you will have become familiar with the feeling that your brain is twisting and turning (exhausting you) in its efforts to set up the new neural pathways you need to form words and sentences while speaking.

With any luck, 20 hours will also be enough for you to (1) find a teacher that you like, (2) find a lesson style that works for you, and (3) figure out what time works best for taking lessons consistently.

There is no new course for achieving this Phase 2 requirement. If you're feeling a bit lost, reviewing the advice in the Caveman Convo course will surely help.

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