Get Paid to Play

Another thing we'll want to do in Phase 4 is to start "getting paid to play."

That is, we want to start having professional responsibilities that require us to use our Japanese.

In my case, this means reading thousands of emails per year written in Japanese, writing lessons for my fellow students, translating all kinds of Japanese text, etc., all of which are part of my current occupations.

Maybe you're thinking, I can't quit my job!

I'm not saying that you should. But if you're a Phase-4 student, then your Japanese is good enough to do some kind of work that involves interacting with the Japanese language.

This might mean doing a bit of translation work on the side, or maybe even some free translation work. Or it might mean starting a blog in Japanese that you hope makes you a bit of money some day. Others choose to become Japanese teachers in their home country.

The possibilities are endless, but I would encourage you to explore them.

When people are expecting you to interact with the Japanese language — and even paying you for it — you can't help but continue improving. ^_^

If you're at this level, by the way, be sure to shoot us an email. We are almost always looking for help from people with advanced Japanese ability, especially ones who are familiar with our approach to learning Japanese.

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