Take Successful Lessons

I just threw a lot of information at you, and there is a good chance that you're starting to wonder if taking high-quality lessons is just too much work.

Fear not, fellow student, for I will bestow upon you the secret key to ensuring that your lessons are effective: Keep taking them.

Some people take one or two lessons, and then they stop because "life happens." Then a year or two passes by, and they can't help but wonder:
How good would I be at speaking the language now if I had kept taking lessons consistently?

The answer is obvious: A lot better.

Also, yes, I am referring to my own personal experience. I'm always starting lessons, quitting, starting again. I suppose that's fine, too, because progress is still made. But it would be made a lot faster if I prioritized my lessons more and scheduled them regularly for a period of multiple years.

Find a way to stick to taking lessons, and I assure you that your spoken Japanese will improve drastically. Also, you'll be able to find the perfect mix of lesson formats for you personally.

But taking lessons in scary!

I agree. To help combat our fear, I've prepared a bunch of Japanese phrases that will make our lessons much more enjoyable, productive, and all-around awesome. It's all in the next section...

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