What to Do Next

Feel free to use the materials provided in Vocab Mastery while also completing other courses in Phase 2: Here's a breakdown of the phases, by the way:

We don't really have any set rules regarding how you go about completing the Phase 2 courses. You could study them all at once (though I would do N5 before N4, obviously), or you could take them one at a time.

I used to recommend learning kanji mnemonics (i.e. completing Kanji Mastery) before studying vocabulary. However, this isn't a big deal. Also, we include kanji keywords in the Vocab Mastery flashcards, so studying this vocabulary should actually make it easier to remember kanji that you've learned or are in the process of learning.

If it were me, I might try something like this:
  1. Do my kanji and vocab flashcards every day.
  2. Read JLPT grammar lessons whenever I have more time to study.
Then, once finished with the kanji and vocab flashcards, the JLPT flashcards could be studied (and if you're a good student, you could re-read the JLPT grammar lectures at this point, too.)
Complete and Continue